Project Description



Polydevs takes data preparation software for Additive Manufacturing to a new level of performance based cost effectiveness.

Prepare your 3D CAD model with an intuitive user interface, user-friendly workflow, and easy operation. Polydevs powerful functionality speeds up your model preparation for printing with superior quality, efficiency and reliability:



Technical Index

  • File Repair: Create water-tight data for 3D printing: identify part errors, and repair files automatically, semi-automatically or manually.
  • Orientation: Find the optimum orientation to automatically place parts for your build based upon spacing, volume, base area, print time, support area, support volume and bounding box volume.
  • Free Cut: Cut with advanced cutting lines: define the cutting directions by 3 points plane, tangent plane, vertical plane, XY plane, XZ plane, YZ plane, polygon, circle, rectangle and section.
  • 3D Packing: Nest parts automatically and quickly for your platform,control the height and density, avoid interlocking and colliding parts, protect small and fragile parts.
  • Texture: Easily add 2D or 3D textures on marked areas, and edit for texture size, position and rotation, or change texture image to suit your needs
  • Wall Thickness Analysis: Predict where problems can occur building and ensure all features of the part are of adequate thickness: during detect small details, thin/thick walls.
  • Lattice Structure: Hollow a part and fill it with a lightweight structure, then add holes to remove the excess powder/resin, help you reduce the weight and material usage in your designs.
  • Support Generation: Easily identify critical support areas, reduce data preparation time with semi-automatic support generation, and create proper support structures for different types of geometry.
  • Smart Support: Automated support generation, needle-thin contact points to make support removal easier and leading to a better surface quality for your part, reduce time and materials consumption.
  • Collision Detection: Check for collision between intersecting triangles or with an indicated clearance between different parts.
  • Slice: Slice parts with any layer size, and you can set different layer size in different area of parts for adaptive slicing, and visualize the contours of each slice conveniently.