Project Description


ProtoGen 18920

DSM’s Somos® ProtoGen 18920 is a liquid photopolymer that produces accurate, ABS-like parts ideal for general purpose applications. Somos® ProtoGen resins are the first stereolithography resins to demonstrate different material properties based on machine exposure control. Based on Somos® Oxetane™ chemistry, Somos® ProtoGen 18920 offers superior chemical resistance, a wide processing latitude and excellent tolerance to a broad range of temperature and humidity, both during and after the build.



Technical Index


This high-temperature resistant, ABS-like photopolymer is used in solid imaging processes, such as stereolithography, to build three-dimensional parts. Somos® ProtoGen 18920 provides considerable processing latitude and is ideal for the medical, electronic, aerospace and automotive markets that demand accurate RTV patterns, durable concept models, highly accurate humidity & temperature resistant parts.

Technical Data: Liquid Properties


Viscosity:~350 cps @ 30℃

Density:~1.16 g/cm3 @ 25℃


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