Project Description


GP Plus 14122

Somos® GP Plus 14122 sets the standard for 3D printing prototypes. It is easily integrated in production cycles to test designs ensuring proper functionality of parts before they are launched into full production — providing customers the opportunity to get to market quickly.

Parts produced with Somos® GP Plus 14122 are durable, accurate and moisture resistant. This material is ideal for functional prototypes, concept models and low volume production parts.



Technical Index


  • Aerospace parts
  • Automotive parts
  • Consumer product parts
  • Low volume production parts


  • Extremely accurate
  • Excellent humidity resistance
  • Very durable

Technical Data: Liquid Properties

Appearance:Opaque White

Viscosity:~340 cps @ 30℃

Density:~1.16 g/cm3 @ 25℃


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