Project Description


Somos Taurus

Somos® Taurus is the latest addition to the high impact family of stereolithography (SLA) materials from Somos®. Parts printed with this material are easy to clean and finish. The higher heat deflection temperature of this material increases the number of applications for the part producer and user. Somos® Taurus brings the combination of thermal and mechanical performance that until now has only been achieved using thermoplastic 3D printing techniques such as FDM and SLS.With Somos® Taurus, you can create large, accurate parts with excellent surface quality and isotropic mechanical properties. Its robustness combined with a charcoal grey appearance makes it ideal for the most demanding functional prototyping and even end-use applications.



Technical Index


  • Customized end-use parts
  • Tough, functional prototypes
  • Under the hood automotive parts
  • Functional testing for aerospace
  • Low volume connectors for electronics


– Superior strength and durability
– Wide range of applications
– Excellent surface and large part accuracy
– Heat tolerance up to 90°C
– Thermoplastic-like performance, look and feel

Technical Data: Liquid Properties


Viscosity:~350 cps @ 30℃

Density:~1.13 g/cm3 @ 25℃


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