Join UnionTech’s Global Webinar

Jeffrey Ma, Sales Director of Global Business at UnionTech organizes this webinar about Stereolithography – Development & Application – What SL User can learn.

With today’s global market changing rapidly, UnionTech will share its latest technology precipitation, technlogy applications and future overseas expansion plans for the 3Dprinting market. We hope to have an in-depth discussion with all participants about the changing trends of the global 3D printing industry.

Key talking points will include:

  • Technical essence and development course of 3D printing
    Since the most prominent starting point in 1993, 3D printing technology has completed commercial applications across the century and has more and more mass production capabilities
  • 3D printing is the inevitable result of deep penetration by information technology and digital technology into traditional manufacturing.
  • The technical principle of Stereolithography, what kind of features can ensure rapidity, stability and accuracy?
  • 3D printing technology is not limited to machine, but a complete system
  • Application case 1: Cooperation story between Toyota and DSM
  • SLA material can apply for various steps in manufacturing

You are most welcome to join us

and communicate with Mr. Jeffrey Ma