Stereolithography, in particular, is a leading 3D printing technology that has continued to provide enhanced performance capability with greatly improved cost efficiency. These advancements have created a great opportunity for stereolithography printing as a preferred prototyping technique. Compared to CNC machining, a great advantage of stereolithograpy printing is processing efficiency.

“It usually takes a week to get processing done by CNC. On the other hand, lithography printing finishes the work in one day. UnionTech™ printers offer large platforms enabling multiple parts to be produced at the same time on a single machine. Stereolithography machines are also capable of “dark” operation, i.e., the ability to produce parts without human intervention. “Reducing labor and related costs required in CNC machining is a considerable benefit,” states Mr. Wen Binghua, the CEO of KeHeng.

Additive manufacturing technology, such as stereolithography, reduces material scrap rates and better material compared to CNC, a subtractive process. Additive manufacturing also offers significant cost advantages when producing complex designs.

Mr. Wen introduced stereolithography technology into KeHeng in 2011. Since the first SL 3D printer, UnionTechTM RS450, was installed in the plant, a significant “ revolution” began relative to the adoption of additive manufacturing. Additional stereolithography machines were added every year, until 2016, KeHeng boasts a professional 3D printing workshop that contains more than 30 SL machines from UnionTechTM.
The long-term cooperation between Union Tech and KeHeng is based on a win-win relationship. Keheng accelerated SL technology adoption, realizing that with an upgrade in industry capabilities, UnionTech™ had an opportunity to provide specialized solutions in response to real market needs. UnionTech’s response to customer’s needs and application requirements will continue to contribute to the advancement of 3D printing.

Established in 2000, the UnionTechTM brand of photopolymer 3D printing equipment is now the domestic China market leader in stereolithography. In 2016, the formation of Union Tech, Inc., in St. Charles, Illinois, a fully owned subsidiary of Shanghai Union Technology Corporation, marked our expansion into North America. International distributorships and agents have also been established throughout Europe and Russia. RP Sales America is the US distributor for Union Tech Inc. equipment. About RP Sales America, Inc. Based in New Sharon, Iowa, RPSA distributes the Union Tech Inc. RSPro line of stereolithography equipment and is pleased to provide demonstrations. RP Sales America, Inc., through its sister company, RP Support America, Inc., ensures technical support and service of the UnionTech™ RSPro SL product line.